The Top 5 Benefits of Charter Flights

The Top 5 Benefits of Charter Flights

There are many benefits to flying on charter flight, when compared to flying commercial. Although the cost of a private jet may be higher than a commercial ticket, the benefits that come with it make it well and truly worth the cost. Here, we will discuss the 5 most popular benefits of flying with a private aviation company such as Flight Options Charter. Which will provide you, your friends, your colleagues, and your family with all these benefits and more.

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When flying on a private charter flight, one of the most popular benefits is that you don’t have to go through the processes of checking in and boarding, which often require you to wait in queues for lengthy periods of time. Instead, you simply arrive at the designated airport, board the plane, and take off on your own schedule.


Booking a private jet means you can take off and arrive at your destination on a schedule that suits you. Many people that fly privately are often doing so for business reasons and being able to have corporate flights scheduled on your time, can make your busy work timetable much less stressful.


There is no more private way of travelling than a charter flight. You do not have to go through the commercial terminals and when your plane lands, you can be picked up directly from the aircraft and taken to your next destination. Best of all, the entire cabin is yours, and yours only, during the flight. Allowing you to have private time for your families & friends or important business meetings.


Business class and first class can be a luxurious way of travelling, however, there is nothing more luxurious than flying on your own private jet. Private planes have staff that are dedicated solely to you and your accompanying passengers.

Access to Remote Locations

Private jets often have the capabilities to land at far smaller airports than commercial planes. Allowing you direct access to remote regions around the world saving you travel time, so you can enjoy your destination more.

Choose the Experts at Flight Options Charter

At Flight Options Charter, we are committed to providing the highest level of service for all our clients, when they travel on our fleet of private jets. We fly to remote places around Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, and other holiday or business destinations. This allows you private access to your chosen destination and a luxury, restful journey while getting there.

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