Reasons to Charter a Private Jet

Reasons to Charter a Private Jet

There are a magnitude of reasons why you should choose to fly on a charter flight rather than a commercial flight. Although private jet travel may be considerably more expensive than standard commercial air travel, the extra money is worth it. Here, we will break down some main reasons why individuals and companies choose corporate flights over commercial ones, as well as discussing how Flight Options Charter can help you, your family or your company get to your next location as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

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A Charter Flight Saves Time

The most significant and important reason that people choose to fly on a charter flight is the amount of time that it saves. When flying commercial airlines, you need to wait in long check-in queues and boarding queues. When flying on a private jet, you bypass this entire process and board your plane directly after security checks. Upon arrival at your destination, you simply disembark the aircraft and leave the airport directly from the tarmac.

Convenience and Flexibility

A charter flight is extremely convenient and flexible. You can book your flight around your own schedule and can have it ready for you within hours, in the case of a short notice trip such as a corporate flight.

Access to Remote Areas

There are far more airports available for small private planes, when compared to large commercial airports. This gives you the ability to access remote locations, in which only planes with the ability to land on short runways can get to. Commercial flights would not be able to land.

Security and Privacy

Flying on a private jet gives you the utmost privacy. You fly with very few other people, usually only your work colleagues, friends, or family. You can hold important meetings while on the flight, that you would otherwise not be able to do on a commercial plane. Furthermore, for business reasons, your travel itinerary will be discrete, to preserve security around any important negotiations and business deals. 

How Flight Options Charter Can Help

Flight Options Charter is one of the most trusted and reliable private charter flight companies in Australian aviation. We are the experts in getting you to your destination as quickly and as smoothly as possible, flying to all major cities in Australia, as well as New Zealand and the Pacific Rim Islands.

Reach out to our trusted team online today, or feel free to call us on 0439 761 124 to learn more.

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