COVID Travelling Restrictions Lifted: Consider Chartering a Private Flight

COVID Travelling Restrictions Lifted: Consider Chartering a Private Flight

Australians know firsthand how strict travel restrictions were during the COVID pandemic. While restrictions were necessary at the time, the team at Flight Options Charter joins millions of fellow Aussies in celebrating the end of these measures and the return of travel. Let’s take a look at a few key reasons why a charter private flight may be right for you.

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Ultimate Privacy on a Chartered Plane

A chartered flight is a great way to celebrate the lifting of COVID travel restrictions as you can take to the skies in luxurious privacy. Why travel on a cramped commercial airliner when you can sit back and relax aboard a beautiful business jet? You’d be pleasantly surprised how our chartered flight specialists can help you secure private jets for hire at a competitive price. The privacy and luxury are certainly worth it, whether you’re looking for a one-off Australian chartered flight to commemorate a special occasion, or private airplane charter service on a more consistent basis.

Streamlined Arrival and Departure

Post-COVID, demand for chartered plane service is on the rise, as travelers want an easier departure and arrival experience. Instead of arriving at the airport 2-4 hours early just to stand in long lines and rush through security, private airplane charter passengers can make it through the private airport in just minutes! With direct access to the terminal, you can step aboard a beautiful plane and depart quickly and efficiently. Private runways are less crowded, so you won’t get stuck waiting for numerous other planes to take off and land.

Custom Itineraries with Private Jets for Hire

Touch down in a big city or take a private plane to remote locations. It’s all a possibility with the best charter flight company in Australia! You can fly directly to your destination, step off the plane and into a vehicle waiting to take you to your next stop. While commercial airlines are swamped with staff shortages and operational challenges after COVID, private planes are ready to elevate your flying experience to new heights.

Fly High in a Luxury Private Plane Australia

Whether you need a business jet or a charter private flight for family and friends, our aviation specialists can help. Call Flight Options Charter at 0439 761 124 to discuss a private airplane charter in Australia.

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