Chartering a Private Jet: What You Should Know

Chartering a Private Jet: What You Should Know

When booking your first private jet charter, there are a few things that are quite different to flying with a commercial airline. Many of these are vital to consider prior to booking a private jet. In this article, we will explore some of the most important factors to think about when choosing to book a charter flight. We will also discuss how Flight Options Charter can help make your first private jet experience one to remember.

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Private Jets Often Fly at Low Altitude

As everyone who has flown commercial airlines know, the plane flies at a very high altitude. This means that the aircraft is above the clouds and away from certain weather conditions that could cause turbulence. However, you do often feel mild turbulence when flying through storms and high winds, as larger aircraft do not have the capacity to veer away from their flight path. With many private jets, the pilot can fly around the storm and avoid the turbulence completely. If you do feel turbulence on the flight, it may be slightly harsher due to the size of the plane, but most jets aim to fly above the weather and avoid this altogether. 

Luggage Limitations

Your luggage limitations will depend on several different factors. How far you are travelling, how many passengers are on board and what type of aircraft you are flying on, will usually determine your luggage limit. On a private flight, the luggage limits will usually be more flexible, however due to the size of the aircraft, it is important to check with the plane charter company prior to your departure, to ensure excess baggage dimensions.

Booking Early

Although it is true that you can book a charter flight on the same day with many companies, many private jets are booked far in advance. If you are using the jet for corporate flights, it would be a good idea to give your itinerary to the jet company, so that they can ensure there are planes available for every one of your required corporate flights.

Flight Options Charter: How we can Help

Flight Options Charter has a fleet consisting of several different aircraft that have capabilities to fly at high or low altitudes. We are experts in the private aviation industry and have proven to be one of Australia’s most trusted and reliable providers of chartered flights.

Contact the team online now or reach us on 0439 761 124 to discover more.

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