Freight Charter

The business of keeping industry moving.

If the clock is ticking to dispatch an important package, parts, equipment and key engineering /technical/logistics personnel to regional or more remote locations, call Flight Options.  Flight ready fast, efficient jet aircraft located at: Sydney Airport (YSSY), Sydney Bankstown Airport (YSBK)-central to the key western Sydney industrial/business sector, and Sunshine Coast Airport (YBSU) in Queensland. The range of aircraft includes a jet with the capability to land on unimproved (gravel/dirt) and short runways.

Operations reach across Australia, to New Zealand, PNG and Pacific Rim Islands. Flight Options freight support includes Government infrastructure, the mining and resources sector, agriculture/agribusiness/pastoral interests, airline/aviation maintenance. 

Flight Options cannot accept declared dangerous goods. Acceptance of a freight consignment is subject to size and weight.

Freight Charter
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Covid Restrictions

We are still operating for Domestic Charter Flights within Australia and International Charter Flights to New Zealand. If you need to move yourself, your family or your staff, please contact us