Aeromedical Charter

Aeromedical Charter: Providing Critical Lifelines

Aeromedical charter provides invaluable assistance to those who require urgent medical attention or organ transfer.

We offer on-demand rapid aircraft dispatch for immediate and time critical organ transfer with specialist medical teams. Aeromedical Charter is fusion of cutting-edge technology, precision, and compassionate service. It’s a vital lifeline for individuals in dire need of immediate and time-critical organ transfers or medical attention, and it exemplifies the pinnacle of aviation innovation.

 The preferred aircraft for this type of private charter is the the Phenom 300E, the fastest mid-size jet available for charter in Australia. With its impressive speed capabilities and state-of-the-art avionics, this aircraft ensures that every moment counts. The Phenom 300E is designed for on-demand rapid aircraft dispatch, allowing medical teams to respond swiftly to emergencies and critical organ transplant needs. This jet that epitomises speed, comfort, and versatility.

The service is not limited to any specific demographic but is particularly well-suited for the transport of the infirm elderly and individuals who need specialised care during transit. Whether it’s a patient in need of an organ transplant, a critical care transfer, or a family member who requires assistance during air travel, Aeromedical Charters are the epitome of reliability and care.

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