Flight Options, one of Australia’s most trusted names in aviation.

Flight Options is a 100% Australian owned company, part of a group of companies owned by Steve Padgett OAM.

Flight Options is a CASA approved Charter Operator with aircraft approved for Australian and international operations under an AOC (Air Operators Certificate), based in Sydney, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Flight Options provides a 24 hour service, seven days a week, to major airports and most regional centres in Australia, also charter services to New Zealand, the Pacific Rim Islands and further international destinations. Flight Options offers a range of private jet aircraft with well-equipped interiors. The on-board experience includes individual large comfortable seats, separate enclosed private restroom-vanity, spotlessly clean galley and entertainment. Our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards and our flight crew have been handpicked for their extensive flying experience and standards of customer service.

Private Jet Charter Questions

  • How much does Private Jet Charter cost?   

    This is a common question and every Charter Flight is different. The only way for us to be able to provide you with an idea would be to contact us or complete this form.

  • How much luggage can we take with us?   

    This will vary depending on the aircraft type, distance flown and number of passengers onboard. Contact us with your requirement and we can provide more details on how much luggage would be permitted

  • How long do you need to be at the airport prior to departure? 

    Private jet charter allows you to avoid long check-in and security queues. Once you arrive at the airport your charter aircraft will be ready for departure within minutes.

  • Where do you fly? 

    We operate both international and domestic charters including major capital cities, regional centres and remote locations. (This is currently restricted due to COVID please contact us to check availability)

  • Where are your aircraft based? 

    We have aircraft based in Sydney at both Mascot and Bankstown airport, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. We can position any of our Jet Charter aircraft to meet you at desired location.

  • Are the departure times flexible?   

    Yes, our private charter flights work to your schedule and offer you the flexibility that commercial airlines cant.

  • How many seats are there on the aircraft? 

    We have a range of Private Jet Charter aircraft available and the number of seats will vary depending on the aircraft type flown. Contact us with your requirement and we can provide you with a variety of options to suit your needs.

  • Are you allowed to bring pets onboard the aircraft? 

    Yes, this is possible however please contact us so we can advise on the best way we can accommodate your request.

  • Do you offer one way flights? 

    No, all of our charters are based on a return flight.

  • Does the aircraft remain at the destination? 

    This will depend on the duration of the jet charter. Please contact us with your request so we can advise if the aircraft will remain at the destination or have to return to base.

  • Does the aircraft have a lavatory? 

    Yes, all of our current fleet of jets have a fully enclosed lavatory.

  • Do you provide catering onboard the aircraft? 

    Yes, we have a standard VIP package available for all our private charters. Please contact us for details or if you have any special requests.

  • How many crew operate your aircraft? 

    We have both single pilot and multi crew jet aircraft. All operated at the highest standard to ensure your safety.

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