A Guide to Finding the Right Charter Flight Service

A Guide to Finding the Right Charter Flight Service

There are a vast number of benefits that private air charter services have when compared to commercial airlines. From the extra space in private cabins, to be being able to book your flight times based on your own schedule, flying on a private charter flight opens a whole new world of travel possibilities! However, there are still several important factors that you should consider when choosing which jet charter service to travel with. Here, we will expand and discuss why Flight Options Charter could be the right choice for your needs when travelling privately around Australia.

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Check what Aircraft the Charter Service Own

There are many private jet companies within Australia, each of which offer a slightly different service. Some companies may own multiple private jets, while some may only have one or two. One of the most important things to consider before choosing an air charter company, is what type of aircraft they have available. If you need to travel long distances, it is important to make sure they have an aircraft that has the capability to fly at high altitudes. This will make your journey far more comfortable and your flight smooth and turbulence-free.

What Runways can they Land on?

If you require travel to remote locations that have unimproved or short runways, it is vital that you ensure the aircraft has the capability to land. It is good practice to double check with the private jet company to make sure.

How Large Does the Aircraft Need to Be?

This generally depends on the distance that you need to travel, as well as how many passengers are on board and how much luggage you need to take. Be sure to give the air charter company all this information, so that they can check whether they have an aircraft large enough to suit your requirements.

Flight Options Charter: Your Trusted Australian Choice

Flight Options Charter have proven that we are Australia’s most reliable private charter flight company. We have a number of different aircraft, including the Cessna Citation Bravo, which has the ability to fly at high altitudes, as well as land on unimproved and short runways.

Reach out to us online or give us a call on 0439 761 124 to find out more.

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