Private Jet Charter

By Flight Options, one of Australia’s most trusted names in aviation.

Private Jet Charter at its Best

Private Jet Charter with Flight Options allows you to take a responsible approach to travel and take care of your family and business travel requirements. Private Charter provides a service the airlines cannot match:

  • Flexibility to travel when you want
  • Private arrival departure facilities away from terminals and public lounges
  • No waiting in security and boarding queues
  • Immaculately clean and comfortable cabin
  • Safety and personal security

Australian and International Charter

  • Private Charter
  • Business and Corporate
  • Tourism and Leisure
  • Aeromedical
  • Freight
  • Remote Location


Private Jet Charter

We provide a world class private jet charter service for the discerning customer who is looking for privacy, efficiency and the highest quality service.

Whether you are wanting to go to a business meeting or to take the family for a getaway. With a range of private charter aircraft available, we will get you where you need to go, with the style and class that you deserve.

Aeromedical Charter

On-demand rapid aircraft dispatch for immediate and time critical organ transfer with specialist medical teams. The preferred aircraft for this type of private charter is the newest mid-size jet available for charter in Australia, the Phenom 300E. It is the fastest and largest cabin, single pilot jet available.

It is ideal to transport the infirm elderly or any family member who requires assistance.

Freight Charter

If you have goods which require urgent dispatch across the country including regional and remote locations, we can help you with a private freight charter.

For important packages, parts, equipment and key engineering /technical/logistics personnel. We can help you with private freight charter to get it there quickly. We have a range of aircraft which includes a jet with the capability to land on unimproved (gravel/dirt) and short runways.

Operations reach across Australia, to New Zealand, PNG and Pacific Rim Islands. Flight Options freight support includes Government infrastructure, the mining and resources sector, agriculture/agribusiness/pastoral interests, airline/aviation maintenance.

Remote Location Charter

If you have to get to a remote location and don’t want to have to drive for hours and hours, then our private jet charter is for you.

Unlike prop or turbo prop aircraft which are limited to lower flight altitudes, our jet charter service can get you there sooner with the ability fly faster, more quietly, safely and comfortably, high above the weather.

One of our most popular charter jets is our Cessna Citation Bravo. With cabin comfort and the capability to land on unimproved (gravel/dirt) and short runways, providing direct access to regional airports and more remote locations including the mining/resources sector and holiday destinations. The Citation Bravo comfortably seats 7 passengers, the air-conditioned cabin includes a hot / cold refreshment centre and enclosed private restroom.

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